Friday, October 24, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 24 - SCARF
Besides boots, I think my favorite fall accessory is probably a SCARF.  I would love to wear them year-round, like the fashionistas out there seem to do.  But, they obviously don't live in Louisiana, where the humidity and heat make it pretty stifling at times.  I have several favorites, but it seems that there is always room for one more!!  When I pass a rack of them at the store, it is so tempting to run my fingers through them or sneak one into my buggy.

Do you have a favorite SCARF?   Are you wearing it today?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Weekend In The Hill Country

Last weekend was a busy one, but fun.  Ron and I both took off the afternoon from work and headed south to see Tyler in his school play.  With all of the traffic, we arrived just in time for the play to begin.  Tyler did a great job in "Moon Over Buffalo", a comedy in which he was a leading man.  Since he was busy with his cast after the play, we arranged to have breakfast with him the next morning.  We headed to IHop and celebrated his upcoming birthday over eggs and pancakes.  (excuse the horrible iPhone pictures)
And since it's always fun to embarrass a teenager, when the waitress asked if we wanted them to sing to him, I told them "definitely!"
While he pretended to be embarrassed, it was obvious he loved it as well!   The waitress offered to take our picture in the horrible lighting, just as Tyler smeared whipped cream all over my cheek!
From there, we headed to Kerrville to visit Terry, Jaylynn and little Archer.  Archer has grown a lot since I last saw him and was at such a fun age---crawling and cruising everywhere and babbling the whole time.
Sunday morning, we all loaded up and drove to Vanderpool, TX to the Lost Maples State Park.  I'd never even heard of this park, but it was very pretty and lots of fun.  After strapping Archer onto Terry's back, we set out on the East Trail in search of changing leaves.
He had on sunscreen, but we forgot his hat, so Papaw let him wear his cap. . .
. . . which slid progressively lower as we walked along.
It was still quite warm in that area, so the leaves were still mostly green, but we enjoyed the hike together.
We saw the Monkey Rock--which really did look like a sock monkey.
Nearby, these rocks looked pretty animated as well.
It was a moderate hike with just enough challenge to keep it interesting and enough easy sections and places to rest to make it enjoyable.
There were interesting stone ledges along the way. . .
lots of butterflies. . .
cactus . . .
bees . . .
and leaves that were JUST beginning to change colors.
We were all pretty pooped when we made it to the top, but there were great views once we arrived and we enjoyed taking it all in.  Everyone except Archer, that is.
We even had time to take a few pictures.
We were all pretty hungry as we made our way back to Kerrville, but we braked for deer sightings.  Ron and Terry got pretty excited about seeing this buck in a field.
The next morning, we all went to eat at their favorite breakfast spot, Del Norte, before we headed out.
We decided to go back home via Stephenville.  Carmelle and family have been so busy and stressed with all of them in school right now.  It had been a while since we'd seen them, so, we decided to surprise them by stopping by for a couple of hours.  We timed it so that the kids were just getting home from school.  The way they shot out of the car to hug us when they saw us made it all worth the drive!!!  It was a short visit, but a needed break for all of us.
What a whirlwind weekend!  We put lots of miles on the car, but were able to see all of Ron's kids and grandkids and put lots of smiles on our faces!


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 23 - HARVEST
This summer, I planted my first garden.  I can't tell you how fun it has been to plant things and watch the grow from seeds.  As the seeds broke through the ground, I was so excited.

When they grew a little more and developed leaves.  I took pictures.
As the peas needed staking, I worked to keep them wrapped around the twine.
And then came the first HARVEST.
Yes, I know it was small in comparison to some, but it just made my day.

This time of year, always reminds me of the trips to the cotton fields I took as a child, and when the girls were young.  Riding in a trailer full of freshly HARVESTED cotton was a memory I will never forget.  (I even remember losing a beautiful "diamond" ring---a gift from my brother from the gumball machine-- in one of those trailers full of cotton).  

What memories do you have of HARVEST?   Is there something in your area that is being HARVESTED right now?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 22 - MASKED
Last Fall, I asked the grandkids what they would like to be for Halloween and offered to make their costumes for them.  Adellelyn wanted to be a black cat and Michael wanted to be Spiderman.  Yes, I know you can buy those costumes at the store, but I always loved making costumes for Jana and Callie when they were growing up and love the look of handmade costumes.   Adellelyn's was easy---tutu, gloves, leotard, ears, tail, etc.   Without a pattern available for Michael's, it was a little more challenging.  I adapted one to work for Spiderman and then discovered that he wanted to be completely MASKED---with a covered face.   With him living 250 miles away, I had to guess on the sizing for something like that and the first try, I guessed wrong.   So, it was back to the drawing board.  I was able to come up with something that fit and MASKED his face as well and they loved them.  
Finding someone MASKED may be a little bit tricky, but use your imagination and see what you can find.  Is there an pet in your house that looks like he's wearing a MASK?  Or perhaps there is some home project that requires MASKING?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 21 - BLACK
The color BLACK has always been associated with things that are sinister---remember the guys in the BLACK cowboy hats were always the bad guys.  Sinister or spooky.   Of course, BLACK and orange are the Halloween colors, but these days, BLACK is also important in fashion due to their slimming nature and "go-with-everything" function.  While I don't have a "little BLACK dress", BLACK pants are definitely a staple in my closet.  I also think of BLACK birds during this time of year---from the crows in the cornfield to the grackles and red-winged-blackbirds that visit my bird feeder.
What do you think of that is associated with the color BLACK?   Do you have a favorite BLACK item in your wardrobe or something a little bit more sinister?

We're on the downhill slide to finish out this month.  I've enjoyed the challenge and seeing what each of you post.  I will probably do something for November, just because it helps me to be more conscious of my surroundings.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll send out some simple prompts.