Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Favorite

September SNAPS 2014 - Day 30 - MY FAVORITE
Wow!!!  Can you believe today is the last day of September SNAPS?  I don't know about you, but it really flew by for me.  I've had a great time looking for each prompt along with you.  Seeing what you post and how we all interpret things a little bit differently is so refreshing to me---and inspirational!  

For today, think about your favorite things---colors, hobbies, people. . . whatever!  Show us your FAVORITE on Instagram. . . or at least one of your favorites.  Pictured below is a bouquet from Ron, along with my FAVORITE candy, my FAVORITE popcorn and my FAVORITE word engraved on pewter (a gift from Jana. and Rob)

If you want to continue the challenges next month, be sure to let me know.  Tomorrow begins a new month and new set of challenges, Fall FUN 2014.   I've heard from a couple of you, but not everyone, so if you want to receive the prompts, shoot me a quick email or text.  While you are certainly welcome to interpret the prompts any way you'd like, I plan to use a Fall theme for mine, so that I can have a seasonal book when I'm finished.  Tomorrow, I'll also send out an overview of all the prompts, as I did this month, so that you can see what is coming.  I hope you'll play along and invite others as well.  In fact, if you know of someone else that wants to participate, send me their email and I'll send them an invite.   See you in October!

Monday, September 29, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 29 - LOCAL
Anytime Jana and Rob come into town (which isn't nearly often enough, by the way), they have a list of favorite places to eat.  Ranking high on the list is having breakfast at Strawn's Eat Shop.  First established in 1958, it is sort of a LOCAL icon, with several different locations now.  Not to mention that it is one of the few places that it is perfectly acceptable to have a big slice of pie along with your breakfast.
What represents LOCAL in your area?  Is there a favorite park?  A signature dish or perhaps a sports team?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

In The Mirror

September SNAPS - Day 28 - IN THE MIRROR

Lately, what I see when I look IN THE MIRROR is very different from what it was a few years ago.  There are more pounds looking back at me and my hair is whiter than before.  But, the truth is, that will probably change again in the next few years.  Of course, age brings with it some truths that the mirror just can't conceal.  But, if I focus on those things as negative, then I totally miss out on the joy of getting older.  Age also brings a confidence and satisfaction with life that sometimes seems a bit elusive when we are younger.
It's time for a selfie.  Perhaps you can capture that wisdom you've gained or the twinkle in your eye that replaced a previous loneliness.  Or maybe you will choose to capture yourself in the styles of today, or in the midst of a chaotic workday.  LOOK IN THE MIRROR.  What do you see?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Rustic Wedding and A Little Exercise

This morning, Ron and I once again got up VERY early and headed to the park for the opening of this year's USA Fit program.  After a 6 month hiatus from running, we've both been slowly trying to get back into the habit.  This program is sure to do it!  This year, I am planning to focus on shorter distances, such as 10K's rather than a half-marathon, so I offered to be the person to stroll with Luke while his Mama and Daddy run the courses.
It was a beautiful morning and Luke seemed to enjoy our 2.5 mile stroll while we waited for the runners.
With six family members participating, the USA Fit organizer laughingly suggested that we come up with team name.  We decided "Team Luke" was perfect for us!  Now we just need to get him a little running suit . . .
I came home directly after running, showered and headed out to the Cottage Grove Plantation, working for Young Blooms, to set up flowers for my friend Cindy's daughter's wedding.  She chose to have a rustic, outdoor wedding at her aunt and uncle's family "farm" and it was just beautiful!!
Her colors were mint green and navy and she had collected lots of thrift store vases, bottles and cans which were painted and filled with flowers for the tables.
Of course, Louisiana in September means that we got pretty warm during the setup.  However, when Ron and I returned a few hours later for the wedding, some clouds had rolled in and a slight breeze kept the air moving.

Elizabeth did much of the planning herself and she and Colt filled the celebration with touches of their favorite things.   There were hand-lettered signs . . .
. . . a photo booth with all sorts of props that was set up on the back of a fence (which I think was hiding plumbing sruff). . .
. . . and even a place to play lawn games.
How cute are these bean bag toss boards that her big brother made?!?  And the monogrammed beanbags?
What a fun celebration for such a sweet couple!


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 27 - RUSTIC

It's been almost 18 months since Ron and I were married.  Both of us love being outdoors - running, walking, hiking, kayaking, camping - so a RUSTIC wedding seemed the natural choice for us.  From the venue, to the invitations, to the decor, to the service itself, we infused a touch of RUSTIC into every detail.  Even our cake stand was hand-made from an old tree stump!
RUSTIC elements are all around us.  If you don't find any in your own home, you might want to take a short walk through your neighborhood with your camera in hand.  

Friday, September 26, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 26 - FLORAL
Of all of the ports we visited on our Alaskan cruise, I think that Ketchikan was my favorite.  From the stained glass port signs to the breathtaking view of the mountains from a sea plane, it was all just beautiful.  And the FLORAL varieties were amazing.  Flourishing in the crisp, cool air, the colors were so vibrant and intense!
When I hear the word FLORAL, I also think of it in the sense of being a pattern---a fabric or even a wallpaper.  WHat comes to mind for you?   What FLORAL feature will you capture today?

Thursday, September 25, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 25 - BEHIND
To be honest, I was not at all sure what photo to use as a prompt for this at first.  As I looked back through photos on my computer, I remembered our "amazing squirrel rescue" Back in March, I found this tiny baby squirrel BEHIND our gate, causing much excitement among our dogs.
Who knows what you'll find!   Maybe a look BEHIND will open up a whole new world of possibilities----or at least some new inspiration!

And speaking of new inspiration, it's time to begin thinking about the upcoming October Instagram challenge.  Do you want to continue along with me?  Do you know a friend that might be interested?  If so, send me a quick email to let me know and I'll add you to the list.